How Much Does a Queen Bee Cost? (It Will Surprise You!)



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How much does a queen bee cost? Queen bee cost starts from $20 to $75, depending on the area you are living in or from where you are ordering the queen bee, cost of a queen bee varies due to different factors like the number of queens you are going to purchase, local vendor or the reseller, cost of transportation, large producers and small producers of the queen bees.

In this article, we are going to let you know, how much a queen bee costs and other information about queen bees do. Beekeepers replace the queen from the hive because the queen does not produce enough eggs or due to the age of the queen bee.

What is the Queen Bee?

A queen bee is the mother of all bees. They are responsible for laying eggs and the production of new bees.

The queen bee is responsible for all of the work that needs to be done to keep the hive going. The queen bee has a lifespan of about 3-5 years, depending on the conditions of the hive.

Queens can be bought at a cost of $40-$100, depending on the quality.

Why are Queen Bees Important to the Health of the Hive?

The main goal of beekeepers is to cultivate the honey from the bees, beekeepers raise the bees for providing the honey to their families or for earning some amount of income.

Beekeepers feed the bees and maintain the environment to make sure that the bees can make honey.

Beekeepers work hard for making safe and comfortable environments for the bees so that they can get honey from the bees for their families or for sale in the market.

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It is important for beekeepers to choose the best queen bee which is economical and also healthy enough to lay eggs, queen bees can be purchased for under $100 but there are also expensive and rare queen bees in the world, the Zambian queen bee is one of them.

It’s the world’s first and only of its sort. It is one of the most expensive queen bees in the world, costing over $1 million.

This queen bee is from the African country of Zambia. It is a queen bee that produces a large number of honeycombs. The Zambian queen bee is a significant part of the Zambian economy. 

How Much Does a Queen Bee Cost

The Zambian queen bee has a special appearance, a shiny black color with a green abdomen. This bee has a special appearance because it is not a honeybee, but a queen bee from the genus Apes.

The bees from this genus are not native to Africa, but rather they were introduced by Europeans. The honey from this queen bee is considered to be very valuable because it is difficult to produce and is sold at a high price.

How do you get a queen bee?

There are a couple of different ways in order to get a queen bee in your beehive. The first is the natural way where the hive chooses their own queen in which they select a larva to develop on their own.

They will specifically feed this larva in order to produce a queen. The alternative is to actually buy a queen bee and introduce her to the hive.

Can You Buy Queen Bees?

Yes, you can buy queen bees for your hives from numerous places online for anywhere from $20-100 depending on the type of queen you get and where you order it from.

You can also check local beekeepers to see if they have any queen bees for sale as they will already be acclimated to your local area.

Where To Buy Bees For a Hive?

You can buy bees for your new hive at any number of beekeeping suppliers online or sometimes even find a local supplier that sells bees or hive supplies.

You can purchase the typical hive starter kit of bees which generally includes roughly about 3 pounds of bees to get your hive up and running for about $210-230 US dollars shipped.

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Like a lot of other animals and insects, bees can be bought and shipped from a reputable breeder through the mail.

There are numerous apiaries who specialize in breeding and selling queens. These newly mated queen bees can be bought, shipped through the mail (with the proper precautions of course), and received within a few days of order to get your hive up and running.

How Many Eggs Does a Queen Bee Lay?

Healthy queens can lay between 1,000-3,000 eggs per day depending on the time of year. During peak season queen bees are producing eggs in such quantity that the eggs weigh more than their own body weight.

This number is also dependent on the overall health of the queen bee, the health of the hive, and of course environmental conditions.

How many eggs can a queen bee lay per year?

A queen bee can lay an average of 1,500-3,000 per day when they are in the best of health and the hive is thriving.

If you look at this average daily amount multiplied over the course of a year then you will end up with a rough estimate of 730,000 eggs in a single year under optimum conditions.

Will A Queen Bee Sting You?

Will a queen bee sting you? What are the best ways to avoid getting stung by a bee? You can avoid getting stung by bees by staying away from them.

It is important to know that the only time that a bee will sting you is if it feels threatened. If you are outside, try to stay away from bushes, flowers, and other areas where bees are.

If you are inside, keep your windows closed so that bees cannot get in. Bees can also get in through cracks in your home. If you are allergic to bee stings, carry an EpiPen with you at all times.

How Long Does a Queen Honey Bee Live?

A queen honey bee lives about three years. Honey bees are one of the most important insects on earth, and the queen is the most important bee of all.

She lays eggs and is the only female bee that can lay eggs. Queens lay eggs in their special wax cells. When the eggs hatch, the larva feed on the food the queen has left for them.

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When they grow, they will become either worker bees or drone bees. Drones are male while worker bees are female. Drones only have one purpose: to mate with the queen.

How Much Does a Queen Bee Cost

What Happens If A Queen Bee Dies?

A queen bee can be identified by her large size and large abdomen. She is also the only bee capable of producing eggs. When a queen bee dies, the colony dies with her.

If the queen dies, the colony will go into a chaotic state and may even swarm to find a new queen. If this happens, the old queen will be torn apart and eaten by her workers.

The workers will also eat any eggs and food in the hive. This behavior can lead to a colony collapse and ultimately the death of the colony.

The queen bee is a honey bee that lays eggs in the worker bee’s place. The queen bee is not produced by the worker bee, but by the laying worker bee.

The queen bee has a lifespan of about three years. She is the only female bee in the colony that can mate with drones, which are male bees.

She is fed a diet of royal jelly to maintain her health and fertility. The queen bee is a queen because she is a female that lays eggs and she is a bee because she is a member of the honey bee species.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most asked questions:

Can a worker bee become a queen?

The regular worker bees basically create a queen bee by selecting special larvae to take care of in hopes of turning it into a queen bee.

The workers will feed this larvae royal jelly helps the chosen queen larvae grow into the queen bee that will ultimately lead the hive.

How does royal jelly taste?

Royal jelly has a very distinctive taste that people will actually learn to like if they eat it regularly. It is naturally bitter and even slightly sour in flavor.

This is because this food supplement is given to the queen bee larvae candidates to help get them ready to be in control of the hive as well as help them reach sexual maturity.

If you are going to be consuming royal jelly on a regular basis, you can add a touch of raw honey to cut the bitterness and sourness. These two work together to create a delectable treat.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a new queen bee for an existing hive or want to get started in beekeeping, buying a starter kit of bees or a queen that is ready to go is a great option. It is both cost-effective and pretty easy to get shipped to you.

I hope this blog post has helped you learn more about buying a queen bee for your hive and given you a few ideas on where to start when looking to buy one.