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  • Can You Keep Bees Without Harvesting Honey

    Can You Homestead Anywhere? 3 Simple Tips For Getting Started

    Can you homestead anywhere? Yes, you can homestead anywhere. Homesteading is more of a lifestyle than living in a particular place or location. Homesteading is about living a simpler lifestyle with a focus on getting back to your roots, and doing more for yourself than depending on others. No matter where you are in your…

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  • How Do Homesteaders in Alaska Make Money

    How Do Homesteaders in Alaska Make Money?

    How Do Homesteaders in Alaska Make Money? How do homesteaders in Alaska make money? There are many ways for homesteaders in Alaska to make money. Some of the most popular methods include farming, fishing, and hunting. There are also many opportunities for homesteaders to sell their own handmade items directly to customers, or through local…

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